October 15th, 2020

Thursday 15th October 2020.

Keep buggering on, a few words credited to Winston Churchill many a year ago...possibly at the time when Winnie The Poo was first published back in 1926....and i expect quite real for today in England. I still have not bought a newspaper, nor have i turned on the televison to watch the news, bollocks and truth is thrown out across the country in ample hat fulls of words one has to make up ones mind what to believe. People are dying and being lumped together with the IT-Virus counts depending which person you talk to. People are frightened of going to their doctors, Trying to have a flu jab now is not far off trying to win the euro millions lottery, Pasta and tiolet roll are back on the must buy by the suit case full. All the lockdown towns cities are all Labour run so i have been told not one Tory run is on the list, the wearing of face masks will be with us until this time next year, i take a heavy sigh on all these words, stories, passed as news that becomes filtered down to me and think fuck it, Manchester hits the headlines for the wrong reasons, every body has their own conspiracy story, climb upon the Magic Roundabout give a heavy sigh as Brian, keep buggering on with a face covering and maybe this time next year i might laugh giggle or simply get pissed on some erotic Australian Chardonnay perhaps we might win the Ashes In Test Cricket in the meantime. Nothing like bashing the Aussies at sport yet i cannot imagine the boxing day test without a crowd time i think for Dr Who to give us a helping hand for i don't think any political high ranking person  in the world has a clue. lastly thank goodness tomorrow is the Friday Buzz for the weekend...

To all whom pass this way love and peace...take great care...X