October 18th, 2020

Sunday 18th October 2020.

I sit with but an empty glass...so am i sober or are the bubbles still flowing on this eve...if simply in my mind only...am i simply a plough boy back in history...at the age of sixteen...to the tune of Lovely Molly...sung by Sam Lee..the song reminds me so much on my childhood when life indeed was a lucky bag of curly leaf wood nymphs..there seemed to be no care in the world only a beautiful world before my generation..America was simply I'm A Beliver by the Monkees tangled up in Tom and Jerry and a coating of the Magic Roundabout as The Banks Are Of Marble...what would Pete Seeger..think on this day in October 2020...should he be standing on a stage with a crowd before him...and a weary miner with glass eyes and a shadow from the clouds above stood in the crowd.
Therefore bring me my Queen..Oranges are not the only fruit in life....and on this Sunday eve i say love and peace to all whom pass this way take great care....X