March 30th, 2021

Tuesday 30th March 2021

At long last a touch of Australian weather has arrived in the Manchester feels as if we are  borrowing the Sun, for it is only here for two days...after which we return to crap and Snow...The good feeling of taking off winter coats and Wool Bob hats hats felt almost being reborn after the long hard winter especially mixed in with the IT-Virus flu or what ever one wishes to call it....with the Govt banging us with orders that change at the dropping of a pair of panties.
We have had to knuckle down even, if it is good for our well being,the hardest being for me is  all the empty promises of this and that about spring and summer the raised hopes, where every one was going to be singing Yippie are being blown out of the water daily, all this has been very hard on the mind and soul...for those whom love to put flowers in their hair. I expect if i sit here this time next year the day will be no different than today. Wear a mask keep six foot apart and forget flying on a plane to any where where the sun has got it's hat on.

To all whom pass this way Love and Peace and take care...So Goeth...X