April 20th, 2021

Tuesday 20th April 2021.

Today is Adolf's birthday. Quite why it has stuck inside my head all these years is possibly because he is never far away from a headline on a newspaper film, book, wireless, it is a good job i cannot recall Margaret Thatcher's birthday now that would be a bloody big sighing Boo. The actor...Bill Nighy...in the Film Pride from 2014...said her name in a line so dramatic that it has stuck with me for years each time i see, hear, her name, i think on that line and the way it was spoken.
But more than anything i wish soon i can drag my busted bra up into the light and pull out of this winter melancholy madness i have been wallowing in for far to long....perhaps summer will win through soon...

To all whom pass this way love and peace...tale care...So Goeth...X