May 18th, 2021

Tuesday 18th May 2021.

It has not rained today...My blue uniform is asleep in the cellar hopefully, half once washed will remain until Autumn, hopefully too this will be my last coming Autumn driving my tiny red van..i do try not to cross each day off the calender or will it, to float across the horizon any quicker than the simple march of time as is...I have a few days leave which my body and soul whispers muchly earned, but do not waste the time away they guard...from the dark clouds, of face masks, social distance and what ever else big bad Boris has in the pocket of his mind. regarding the IT-Virus....
At last i have managed to fester away in the back garden as so far May has been nothing but shite weather but time calls with my...I-Pod on the cellar steps, i have started clearing away winters drag net, some plants have escaped others sadly withered during this bleak winter...My goose-gog plant is already in fruit, which always was seamingly ever present in the 1960's school lunch with a custard that could wall paper a house with one scoop so thick was the stuff plopped on to your plate....joining goose-gogs so over cooked they sighed with relief when plopped on to your plate by the big buxom dinner lady of the day the dish was so gastly for myself uneatable...I grow the plant mainly for the birds to feed on and sometimes when sat outside in the sunshine glass of Chardonnay in hand, i wonder where we are all now from those childhood years, my vanity asks do any remember myself. Such was Forces life back in those days the family being posted every two years almost living out of tea chests....Scotland, Northern Ireland, the list is almost endless better though to have no regrets, just quaff the wine and indeed wonder about the forks in the woods less travelled.
Tomorrow i am going to push my toes in some sand in a one of the best beaches for me in North Wales now that lock down is inching in retreat..time to hear the seagulls as i sit on the beach scoffing some light lunch whilst sand  blows down into the ears drums playing my favourite sixties song be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, to also watch the waves simper across the sand and again wonder what would have happeded if King Canute did indeed turn the tide....i also have this silly idea..for when i retire finally from my tiny red walk the beach in the nude let it all flop out in the sea with a possibilty of watching the crabs laugh in delight as they run away, to try and brush into the cabbage patch the thought that i am in the last nine yards of my life to simply sigh ho-hum and let it be.

To all whom pass this way love and peace..take care...So Goeth..X