May 21st, 2021

Friday 21st May 2021.

My five days away from my blue uniform is over, quite where the time has vanished too, is something to contemplate as i stare at this big white i begin to rue over pulling it back on tomorrow i had thought the weather would have fallen into the shadow of summer alas not so, rain, rain,more bloody rain has turned myself into a damp squid..thank goodness for the wine glass during the evenings otherwise melancholy madness might have returned so soon after a bleak winter...but should i become an grumpy old sod or simply sigh that i managed to drive out of Greater Manchester for one day at one of my favourite beach in North Wales... with so many memories...amongst the sand dunes, the brisk sea a welcome hug as if it knows one day i would venture forth once more must be two years feel the sand beneath my feet smelling sea weed, the bending down for a taste of cold sea water.

This is a beach where my soul can say wow..and troll down from the crazy streets i work through, the clouds on the day looked so low if stood on tip toes i am sure you could reach them...give them a friendly tree hug....

The remains of a sand castle some small child had probably had joy in making how long it has been stood there...i would like to think quite a while and a small hope it is still there today....indeed made me chuckle and wonder did i do the very same thing fifty odd years ago....

Lastly some inner peace for an old panto dame as i, to sit on top of a sand dune let the bright sunshine play games across the skin to feel the warmth to look out in some form of tranquility..without thought of wearing face masks, washing hands, or all the rest of the new normal we have to endure at this time, will the old normal ever return perhaps yes perhaps one hopes.

To all whom pass this way love and peace...take Goeth...X