June 9th, 2021

Wednesday 9th June 2021.

Nearly three weeks have past,since i have rested here and thought must post something, if only a dribble of a few words to prove to myself,that time the always tomorrow lanyard around my soul does not steer my ship in ever increasing circles of tomorrow is just another day,there will always be one of those so why become vexed.
I feel as if i have been living in my tiny red van through a tapestry of tangled roads around Greater Manchester for a centuary....the push shunt shove of rude traffic eats into me, the never ending road works poke out tongues with a giggle as each stop light roars red..there seems to be endless money for road works and nothing else park benches have been quietly taken away, parks have been neglected, if they could i expect local councils would love to concrete every square inch, i find myself thinking i would love to be a hermit only the female inside me screaming like mad punches a hole in the melancholy madness....built up through the sad winter and spring weather fronts...My old school teachers always wrote on my school reports  could do better and perhaps i should.

To all whom pass this way love and peace...take care.....So Goeth.