June 24th, 2021

Thursday 24th June 2021.

The flu virus seems endless, every where you go it is there staring you in the face, smacking you around the gob, crawling into your pockets, the masks thrown on the floor, the television, the wireless, the local bus as it trundles past you on the street down the road,round the bend, take a walk in a park masks hang from trees....i even found one posted in a post box some weeks ago....every date of relief to open up is set back by the govenment as yet another breed of the virus erupts down the country lanes..will i scribble the same words this time next year...or be sat in the garden talking to the flowers or perhaps singing that sixties song by the Move..." I'm just sitting watching flowers in the rain..".

To all whom pass this way..love and peace take care...So Goeth.