June 29th, 2021

Tuesday 29th June 2021.

Boo...i say to myself as the last few days of June begin to drift through my fingers, Summer has arrived in fits bits and starts..i am not sure quite what mood or swing i am in, the Covid dance is very much up yer bum clogging the mind with games you cannot skip too.....the small wonder though is on Thursday i begin to trawl through my last eight months of pulling on this blue uniform for ever as i become an offical OAP...as i sit in at this moment sometimes i think Wow others i am not too sure these past two years have felt like four..however i bought a couple of ultra cheap dresses last week to try and pull myself from all the doubt and melancholy madness i usually reserve for the winter months...i have also bought far too many books and CD"s..trawlled through far to many charity shops..but hey life is.....

To all whom pass this way Love and Peace..take care so goeth....X