July 14th, 2021

Wednesday 14th July 2021.

I am glad the bycycle farts of professional football have now vanished into the swamp of life, that the razz of the  Euro's racked up to such a frenzy in England that the game ended more in a political football of slung words that you cannot or can say out loud in public, fades for another four years. The words  " it's only a game "....lost that touch when the famous Liverpool Manager...Bill Shankly....compared football to God...these days it has probably gone way past even the great Bill Shankly, and would be interesting had he still been walking this planet what he would have made of the fluffed penalties....that we dare not talk about incase the word racist wraps itself in a discared Mcdonald wrapper eaten by crows. Think I'll stick to Sunday league football where the word Fuck echoes from the trees on fluffed passing of the ball on a bumby pitch and the words you Fat Bastard is sung in a friendly manner over a foul or missed goal chance....and those standing on the side lines simply laugh. My big worry will i be able to hide from the world cup next year is there a cardboard box big enough for block out such things as twitter and all the other Media wobbles that are flung our way. Time indeed will tell.

To all whom pass this way Love and Peace...take care...So Goeth.