November 3rd, 2021

Wednesday 3rd November 2021.

The time is just past...Leonard Cohen's...famous blue raincoat song, from which a  famous few words about 4am in the morning fill the mind, if there was ever a song to end the world on, then that would surely be the one....of coarse i would have to have a glass off good Aussie Chardonnay by my side...
However today is simply today, darkness is still beyond my window even with autumn clock change from this past weekend. Sitting here at this beloved hour means my old blue uniform is locked down the cellar and not quite a happy bunny,as i am on leave for five days from my tiny red van.
Today i am going to take a few steps towards the madness of being an Old Age Pensioner by applying for my free bus my adopted town of Stockport an old defunct mill town of which i love and hate in the same sentence.Yesterday i was indeed reminded of what is life as an OAP amongst these streets in England, by one such whom papped the horn of his big black four wheeled drive because i had not moved away from a petrol pump at a garage fast enough...perhaps he needed urgently to take a piss or perhaps he wanted once more to watch Pakistan beat India in the T20 Cricket....with a cup of tea...i like to think had i the body of John Wayne i might have wasted time by getting out of my tiny car and sticking two fingers up his nose alas, i had on my busted bra and wrinkled stockings...OH... the life of a transvestite, thus i gave a heavy sigh and pulled off in the short lived sunshine...the afternoon had brought across the Greater Manchester Basin....hoping that in a few weeks i do not become such as the grump in the black four wheeled drive when i become an official OAP.
Time now for a shave before i sit in a photo booth as proof for the bus pass for the age that i am sometimes i wonder where all the trust has gone, however i give grace that i do not live in India and did not give a loud cheer when Pakistan Thrashed India at cricket the other day of which some Pakistan fans have been arrested by the police for cheering Pakistan on. One indeed has to wonder about the word Freedom and why those in high powers twitter trying to cage the minds of all beneath them. Please bring back the Hippy Days...sigh...

To All WHom Pass This Way Love And Peace...Take care So Goeth...X