November 24th, 2021

Wednesday 24th November 2021.

Does it seem another year on from the last Thanksgiving... i wonder, then perhaps it does, perhaps i had a childish notion...creeping around the crazy street mix of my mind wondering where time flies... there seem to be more of them these days in old age than the real time of old..
Today the wireless was full of Freddie Mercury..songs and history and i thought bloody hell 1991, i do not even want to add up the years since his passing my musical teens you could not go anywhere without hearing Queen being blasted over the air could feel the words crawling up pub walls even in the piss was a relief to walk out from the door without banging my head against the brick walls as i walked down the road eating that unmentionable songs words in my head...But for those who loved him a day of reflection and loss....even i have softened after all this time...i just reflect on the showmanship of that period glad i lived through it and sadly mourn all the old pubs now defunct where their music curled the wallpaper in volume.
And yet i did not see or hear on word of reflection on Monday over the shooting in 1963..of JFK....perhaps it is only us old buggers that remember that far away.....wondering how the world might have been today had he lived on.

Therefore to all Americans, Yanks, and nicknames one can think off in a nice way of coarse have bloody good thanksgiving in this year and fingers crossed the word normal just might be stuffed in your turkeys next 2022.

Toall whom pass this way Love and Peace..Take Care...So Goeth