bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 13th march 2018

I tick off another day, my blue uniform can feel time is drawing to a close it whispers No..i whisper back 36 years is enough it sighs, sulks, but is clean and fresh for the morning, each time i pull this blue uniform on, i wonder indeed where time has gone. I find myself as the day draws closer this repeat feeling i am not sure i want to keep any article yet i bet i will......Saturday last my tiny red van spluttered to a halt a large nail in the front tyre spoke volumes is this tiny red van also talking to me..each morning now i whisper to her, today i even thought as the sunshine cascaded through the windscreen should i have it valeted on my last morning run, allsorts of crazy ideas pop fizz around each bend i pass...i have always had this soft spot i could say sentimental but am not sure if i have spelt it right....the clock ticks past 10pm....up at 4am..that sir i will not miss...good night goeth....
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