bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 25th April 2018. as usual it rained...Soon i will no longer worry to much about the Hump Day of the week and falling down to weekend as my blue uniform is beginning to find it's way into plain white sacks to be thrown into some recycle bin in some far off compound never to ride in a tiny red van again perhaps....I have removed the old alarm clock from the sound band of my ears the calender i was marking each day off has been tucked into a corner out of sight as i have this superstition about casting out the current years calender...more so as the first 16 weeks of this year have been a tight rope walk around a pigs ear...such have been the small jagged stones along this years rocky road i have either kicked or simply run into in the days journey around this Manchester Basin...
Whilst my body has quietly limped in with a small yippie and a big sigh of mind still thinks after this two week leave period work will still hang it's washing out. I suspect shock will crumple parts of the mind on the Monday my body anything clooured Blue. which does not surprise me after thirty six years in the working saddle...
Other parts of the mind will be thankful the wrinkled stockings will come out more, books deep in dust will be swiped clean i have been haunting charity shops picking up CD'S for mere pennies along with one or two cookery books...i did think of treating myself to a digital wireless alas i have skidded that on to the back burner to hot pot..whilst other objects have drawn my mind around the bend slightly quicker so i shall see what rocks i can pick the next 16 weeks....luv and peace all...So Goeth.

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