bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 29th April.

In my mind today is Trinity Sunday..quite why those two words stick in my mind from a speach from Winston Churchill during the war years is unknown..perhaps it reminds me of 60's sundays when retail did not open, no cars on the roads and Pubs did not open in Wales were they good times or perhaps my mind is wrapped in cotton wool and they seem so time back then seemed like time these days there are not enough hours imprinted on a clock face as i stare into the bleak last day of April..apart from two days the weather has been a snowball from hell winter seems not to be giving up in any state, each year winters crank on way past there sell by date. The only blessing is mother nature has not quite told the hord of spring flower to calm down and wait a few weeks before coming out in a blaze of colour... even though it has been sad to watch the hedgerows burst out for a day only before Jack Frost has stuffed them in his cranky hands...before pushing them in his long frock coat pocket.
I am slowly moving, of which i can only discribe as stuff, towards the door of this room which even for me sometimes beggers belief towards a recycle bin or simply the local tip however they are indeed putting up a vast jean genie protest..i have moe plane ticket stubs than there are aircraft in the sky at this moment plus a good few train tickets shunting about hoarding old stuff is another pout of baggage i have to declog when i retire from the Blue Uniform which is around the corner along this rocky road i travel each day, any way time time for a bit of pump up the volume into Brown Sugar.
Have a good week all what ever you walk into...So Goeth...

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