bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 23rd May 2018.

The sun begins to set on this day, the last rays jag through the trees lining the garden, i sit dream, froth and calmly adjust my wrinkled stockings..i have walked under the sunshine for more consecutive days than i can remember for a good while, such makes one almost skip and sing silly songs along this life's rocky road.
I took this on my way home around lunch time, as i travelled to this room of dreams where escape is not an issue where Goblins poke out tongues between gaps in the wall paper.This shot lies between two villages but the amazing adjective is the pin pricks in the far distance is the City Of Manchester....I stood and watched the gentle breeze push about the wild flowers on this meadow, i even did that childish thing and plucked up a dandilion clock head and blew counting the time as the seeds tossed themselves in the gentle breeze. I have not walked this way for an age, simply because the work ethic has sunk my soul to the dark whispers of the work the crow flies Manchester is about six miles away a city of contrast where people but bumper stickers on cars saying  "I Love Manchester " then pull up on the next bend and release a well worn junk hoarded basket full of rubbish around the next bend just to prove they love this City...but let me not linger on such bumper stickers and simply say the view was worth standing and staring for a few moments before the modern world dragged me ever nearer to reality. So Goeth.

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