bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 29th May 2018.

If i had money to toss into the air and  blow kisses to it as it drifted down on this spring day...i would not put it on a horse racing circles but simply bet that Trump will not be impeached nor England ever pull away from the European Union...Had i woke up on that morning and found the European vote had made England stay in Europe...i would not be weeping in my beer, or chuddering in public to anyone whom would stop to amble on about my woes...I would have simply accepted that Europe is going to take the piss out of us for ever...and not be bleating like a lost sheep. There is no point ever wasting time to step inside a polling booth and putting my cross on any voting paper simply because its all bollocks democracy has been lost in the wind...not even a spiders fart could climb up a wall to thus change back time...Life is but a gas and Alice in Wonderland will always be there...So Goeth...

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