bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 3rd June 2018.

"....Reminder that Winnie The Pooh wore a crop top with no panties and ate his fave food and loved himself and you can too..." afraid these are not my words but they made me giggle in the opening hours of this Trinity Sunday Morning, nor have i glanced at today's weather forecast all i know is that dawn has broken and it is Sunday morning because the rubber tyres roaring on tarmac out side this rooms window are slight which means people whom roam in such things along the highway are either stoned or touching something other than my old friend Winnie The Pooh.
Today i am going into town on public transport...God help me from standing on spent chewing gum or the rattle of a empty Tinnie rolling around the carriage looking for its drunken master, prey no young girls are on talking into their mobile phones discussing their sex lives in loud moaning tones as if us grey haired bumps never did such back in the blur of being 18..during the 1970's when the name Trump perhaps was a fart on the back seat of one of those big american cars or Tin Cans as us village people in England used to call them in the swinging 60's...Town today will be a small celebration as yesterday after 36 years 7 months 21 days i have decided to join the grey matter band of roaming idiots whom froth at the mouth and still queue at post offices and shout through the glass as if still watching the moon landing back in 1969, by handing in my notice at work...i will no longer be driving a tiny red van..i will of coarse miss certain aspects of my work but will not miss those whom deam Postmen to be Goblins from Middle earth...
Will i treat my old friend Winnie The some of Alice in wonderland red panties to match his top for those cold winter nights whilst he is throwing Poo sticks into the river of life or simply wear them myself...For all those whom Pass this way Take care...may Winnie The Pooh always be with you...So Goeth...x

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