bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday June 28th 2018.

I do not require a pair of breathable ice silk this mornings advert portrays on my screen, quite why this machine thinks that, is i guess only a fob of ideas of whom this here machine often wonders about myself, perhaps it is simply my own vanity thinking i have come along way down the curvy road in wrinkled stockings that this here machine ought to know me by now...or are some Goblins hiding behind the wall paper in this room sniggering lets make the old transvestite pause for thought..well it did at least make me smile and on yet another no rain day bright sunshine how could i not smile....Plus the fact that Germany have been knocked out of the world some tiny Far East country brings also some glee from the very long past when Germany knocked out England during Mexico 1970...when i was a mere lad bringing tears to my eyes and the word transvestite was not even readable on my morning cornflake packet.....and at that age i doubt i could even spell it...i seem to remember my parents at that age thought i was rather thick in the spelling the Queens English was not my strong point nor i doubt much more as i sat in the class rooms all those years ago...i spent far to much time dreaming staring out the window and thinking that there is always tomorrow and football tagged with childish masturbation was far to important at that time....But life is best with no regrets therefore i sit here scribble what thoughts drift down my arm to play across these keys on to this blank screen before me, as out side this window on the world begins the rush hour which thankfully i have no longer for now to contend with....and the sun continues to climb into the sky bringing thoughts i must water my garden as my small potted sunflowers are about to i ever had a mad dream then walking naked through a field of sunflowers could quite be that.
I don't think that this summer is quite like 1976..which was one of those English summers when not only did railway lines melt but we ran out of beer and ice cream...and talking with a young lady the other day whom remarked how she had never known a summer like the one passing through us now in all her life and this lass was 23 years old which just shows how rare long English Summers are now....The below weather forcast for the coming week ahead is simply a sun kiss which seams quite unbelieveable to be apon or doorstep so bad have the recent past Summers have been...
As always all whom pass this way take care..So Goeth...


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