bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 25th April 2007.

Judging by the dreams i had last night,i must have climbed aboard the wrong bus,as usual they were on the weird side not making much sense,impossible to be acted out in the reality of life,from out of the dark roaming demons only this snippet remains clear this morning, as i dance across the keys to keep my sanity and to most of all please my Mistress.
The snippet..thus....some where amongst the dreams i came upon a portable C.D. player inside was a small desk calender where you could roll around the dates and days on a plastic tube...also a small box of seedlings in heavy soil,as i pulled out the seedlings a host of tiny eggs and creatures dropped on to the floor,looking around i could see that i was sat infront of a flower bed the type you find at Southport/Blackpool...not wishing to have the flower bed eaten alive i bent down and crushed the wee creatures.....

Perhaps i should be more careful when climbing aboard the bus,but yesterday i was tired,the youth in me had been screaming for cock,whilst the wise old buzzard was performing tasks for the flesh whom snores somewhat and is one reason why i am up so early on this new dawn day and because i was instructed by Mistress to do tasks i simply dislike but pleases the flesh so i found myself in a pair red Knickers setting about painting out the last remnants of the former flesh i lived with back in those dark times,the worst bit landing and stair well..i must have done well for the flesh pulled down my red knickers and gave me a moments suck,also took a couple of snaps so that i can send to mistress as proof...i have thought perhaps i should post on my journal a piccy,but maybe i am not that brave quite yet,perhaps vanity says i think people read this like me who haunt quite a few good blogs dressed in my flasher mac and hobnailed of them has become quite silent and i have a sense of worry...i have thought about this for the past few days and wonder why i am worrying, is it because of the blogger,or is it because i fear that the blog will melt into a heep of trifle,and the word selfish written on custard fumes glides amongst my crazy mixed up streets i live in amongst this body i am renting for the moment.

This crazy body whom is looking forward to inserting,and wearing a butt plug,ordered by my mistress for three hours today,as i have not inserted for a while,i know it will be at first painful as i try pushing beyond the pain barrier,how ever i will arrive at the pleasure dome firmly inserted and doing my mistress homage which she richly deserves..on which point i will close for now...

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