bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 7th July 2018.

Summer is slipping through my mind at an alarming rate seemingly forced by the excellent summer weather each morning i venture into the garden and whisper wow to the three souls living within this aging body...thankfully they are still asleep as the sun breaks over the Manchester Basin...Today is a day of days as England play in the knock out stage in the world cup..i do not think i can stand to watch the match on the big screen to many hopes kicked to death in the past with such a long road to recover from the tragic event,the  oh it is but only a game not life and death which some sports grate under the skin does not seem to wash. I expect there will be plenty of fingers crossed a mass of preying or one could hold the vision from the lad next door who seems to think England can go all the way and Win the bloody world cup...Such belief, will power is not held in my wrinkled stockings of which i will probably climb into my stockings and weep in school boy fashion should England loose or perhaps as an adult simply pour a glass of vino and think ho-hum until four years have passed once more and sink into the fact that at least i witnessed the great win of 1966....which i think should close my dribbles around the world cup for now.
I am also going this day to an old aerodrome today..this will hold another bag of mind worms whom will wriggle and jiggle a host of past memories i sometimes wonder why i climb into this rowing boat of slipping into the past perhaps the small boy inside me might have missed a few tricks and simply wants to wallow amongst the sunflowers once more whilst the old bugger Transvestite simply loves the old stockings..Ha..i say to both of them and close with fingers crossed wrinkled stockings around my ankles and bless the weekend to all whom pass this way and still have to clock in each week for work...So Goeth...

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