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Wednesday 11th July 2018.

Today a good portion of merry England is pumped up to Fook including myself and to think i promised myself not to become a hissy-fit during the World Cup in Russia..mostly because i no longer really follow football these days in any great form an odd look at results with no hit and miss feelings, but no longer is it as old Liverpool manger Bill Shankly...called it life and death....bless him...well back in the 1970's.....
At this early hour i have pulled out my old wireless slipped in a couple of batteries found some head phones tuned into BBC Raidio Five live where the pumping up is already in full swing...barmy is the word....but so good to hear rather than death and stabbings which are the fodder of news along with, will, we, won't we leave Europe and old Master Trump coming with his calling cards saying we are not spending enough pennies on tanks and bombs...in Europe...
Well time now to shave shower pull on an old football shirt i giggle as the old wrinkled stocking transvestite in me sighs a heavy sigh...then out to town to slip into my memory banks the events of the day i prey twist my fingers and do hope the repeat of the year 1970..does not have me in emotional tears at the end of the day....to think i was only 14 back then gosh time again shoots the rocket and so goeth..anyone with an eye on this game tonight Go Gentle..and i finish with my old friend Hugh's saying..SO Goeth.



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