bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 22nd July 2018.

The weekend begins to draw up the clock faces in this room, whispering as the minute hand marches ever onwards, each clock is a few minutes behind each other, there are four in this room..the gentle repetitive tells myself i am into the last nine yards of my life...quite,if this is a comfort or a wake up something i do not worry about but perhaps that would be a lie....What is a fact that since stopping climbing on the saddle of the weekly work horse the buzz of that friday feeling after 80 odd days has left me, again i am not sure whether to smile or simply sigh...all i know tonight i am sat at this here,......... machine, playing words through my mind and playing with photo's now after all these live journal years,trying to baffle just how, which sums up my modern tecno mind in the corner of a postage stamp. I have inserted this small union jack simply to grab some comfort away from the media flow of none stop EU rants poofing billy's as well as skyscraper words from Trump amd Putin....or should i print Sooty and Sweep....i wonder what old Churchill would say today...??...
However there has been some good vibes over the weekend....i attended Jodrell Bank Observatory Bluedot Festival on saturday..there is something about live music that cuts under the soul and for a time pushes out all the Goblins one gathers in the mind from various media, books,newspapers, clouted around the ears daily, if one lets such dribble fester on the brain.
This nice young the lead singer to a Belgium band called Baloji....whom were coin a word from my Youth,
So too the main reasons i arrived on the day headliners were Future Island a band from the big old USA..and have amassed a big following in England and were in deed Fab also along with home grown talant Gary Numan whom was simply surreal.
It was also a science festival with so much going of which most simply floated above my head into the broken clouds above. There were masses of children running shouting screaming, as i watched one or two i could not help but drift back to my own childishness when such delights were fought with words..." Children should be seen and not heard " which loomed rather tall in my family during the early sixties...they say  "sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt me " so wrong such a school play ground chant floated around school in those days.

Could this have been me in the gladly this festival was simply full of such....
To those whom pass this way luv and peace..and have a good week ahead...So Goeth....

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