bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 16th August 2018.

Back in the long did not enquire a women's age at birthdays unless one knew the measurement of her inside i simply wished a happy birthday to some one i am quite fond of...whom thankfully knows that a transvestite is not found in a rock pool when crabbing along the coasts of the British Isles of which i am sure i can still scribble such wordings as we reach the time when super markets now plant the seed of back to school shopping. Once more the Manchester Basin has found time to be shedded in rain drops casting doubt on the word summer August is simply almost a swear word on the weather front...however one pulls up the collar first foot forward and bollocks to the falling rain, or else one would become a hermit wearing only balloons pink ones at that whilst riding pink elephants in a bid to stay sane. I would class today as soft going to good...four second hand books for two pounds Plus a Manchester City football shirt abandoned in a charity shop for three sorry i felt for the shirt weeping amongst female cast offs  "buy me, buy me, get me outta this place, wear me on a football Saturday but please don't leave me here for old ladies to fondle and tut two lads serving smiled at my sense of humour thankfully...and the last charity shop had CD' four for a pound..quite staggering for an old wrinkled stocking such as i, that likes to touch music and has a soft spot for this plastic disc..some cd's i understood, gathering dust in card board boxes heaped in a corner as if smelly socks, but how can one abandon...the one and only big bad Barry White....sigh....So Goeth...and as the weekend approaches all whom pass this way luv and peace and enjoy the weekend.. 

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