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Saturday 18th August 2018.

Jesus...My diary note book tells me today i was stood in Perth Western Australia in the year 2005, i cannot recall if it was to hot for a tie or not, i do know i was in my best uncreased shirt and shorts buried in deepest in my back pack only to be worn on this day, as i said farewell to my Uncle whom was in some ways like a dad...and for a good man there was only a hand full of us, which was not as tragic as himself giving up the will to live....which was the sadest of all..yet i could understand quite why sat out on a small sheep station along the great easten highway
I do not dwell on this particular day much...prefering to think of him in those good times with a bucket full of tinnies never having lost his English accent as well as a host of other times through out my young life which still make me chuckle, as i try to block out emptying his home for the last time as such thoughts begin to creep in my mind now as i scribble here, going to the local.. tip the charity shops..did i sell his car, or simply give it away,as i tried to take some of the best memory bits home to England. If there is such a thing as an after life i do hope on this day he has a tinnie in his hand whilst talking to one of those faiths that try and capture your mind when they knock on your door, he simply loved the challenge and would talk to them for hours on end... he is sadly missed So Goeth..


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