bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 21st August 2018.

Back in the long grass,perhaps for the last time in scribbles about Rome...I have a soft spot for churches and buskers either to sit hear the songs glimpse back in life should they pull a few memory cards, or wander into churches gape at the awe to wonder has God ever popped his head through the door and lighted a few candles himself... when i see the beauty and sometimes read just how long to build the church sometimes political thoughts cross my mind as to who funded such a building, why..was it simply a guilt trip or i have the money look at me  a sort of centuries before face book struck us dumb...moving through did all those craftmen believe to, and what wages slipped into their pockets. There is a saying nothing as queer as folk..perhaps down that line, i sit under the same tree....There are so many churches in Rome you would need a fortnight to linger with any serious thought to see them all....some you step inside and go wow out loud especially if the outside looks sad and mundane.This one from the outside had the look of a govenment building standing on a hill with about 150ish steps to climb up giving a wonderful view of the City once yor knees did not buckle whilst catching your breath, such is old age creeping on.the photo does not show the full justice..and just another niggle about myself i luv to shoot piccys into the sun...i could just about imagine John Wayne walking through this door from one of my favourite western films of all time for myself..." The Searchers "...Some people like Buskers..some people liken it to begging....with the retort why don't they get a proper job...if i had a choice of busking or working in a car lot..i think busking would come out top dog. However i cannot sing except to cats as for playing anything...with musical another big no i would not mind learning the piano..or more outlandish the bag pipes...perhaps one

This happy chappie...played a tune or two sang a few words before doffing his hat...he made me smile and giggle was well worth  a few coins....only the waiter was miffed when he tried to go inside and play...he was only one of two buskers i saw in all of Rome..i quite expected them on every street corner and especially at the Trivi fountain...The other thing i luved about Rome where the Big Squares even those without Fountains simply the space to move live sit down or what ever and when you think back to the town i  live in England, with lack of such space and those that are, no bigger than room to swing a cat around...can make one want to weep..for the shere greed of the old days build the mills high,stack in the slums pay them coppers and still go to church on sundays and pray to God...rows a silent boat.This was an emotional moment...even for us stood there as this travelling family...stopped..i am almost sure he requested a song for his lad, whom was more interested in other things bless him....stayed to the last note before riding away....i think it is a moment i will always think on when i see the word Rome in Print or hear it cross the wireless..where ever i am.....and lastly one of the biggest squares i have ever stood in if this was England it would house a factory and 10,000 hovels...and for once i was not the only one on that hot afternoon whom thought such.....So...Goeth...

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