bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 4th September 2018.

Since i last scribbled across this white screen the door of summer is beginning to swing too, all those signs which start racing over the horizon are beginning to blossom..each year i close my eyes and hope autumn and winter just might by-pass this corner of the Manchester Basin,alas it never happens..this will be my first time in all my working life that i have not trodden out each day into the onwards and upwards of cold weather. I will no longer have to give myself pep talks think of warm beaches in all corners of the world just stop myself from sinking into melancholy madness. How i am going to feel this coming dark season is unknown..i do not suffer from boardem but doubt vanity shyness are my three companions the quickness i can change my mind is that old school playground whisper about panties on certain females of the night.
i have tried to keep away from most of the media hype otherwise the word Hope would be blowin in the wind, one can even see Trump staring up from the toilet bowl on the first days piss should one stare hard enough...The powers that own us press gang the laws flaunt to us with CCTV...road motorways...have forgotten about flower beds park benches in parks or simply along the road side...the latest camel they are mounting is too try and alter summer school holidays with an excuse that they are now to long.. because this and that about the up and coming generation....i cannot recall any generation that i have known, ever not have the powers at them...Lazy good for nothings..etc etc....However i am well and think my battle over these coming dark months is not to turn into a grumpy old transvestite in stockings... luv and peace to all whom pass this way...So Goeth.

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