bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 9th September 2018.

Today I have put down the decorating paint brush for a few weeks the room is finished only the washing of paint brushes left..the room is ok..My old friend Winnie The not concerned, therefore it must be, i watched, the walls, the fickering flame of the new  fire place and slipped inot a glass of Aussie Chardonnay stared at my I-Pod...pricked on a tune..and for a few moments a flash back wondered quite where time has vanished.
On this day in 1974..i pulled £3.00....out of my levi..jeans pocket and got married in Ashton-Under-Lyne...I was only 18...some years i recall this day others it simply slips by unoticed...the pricked tune on the I-Pod...probably flicked a switch in my mind opening a room full of Goblins all in pink laced hob nailed boots ready to do the old trick of limbo dancing under a match stick within the crazy street mix in side my head..i bare these Goblins no grudge...they have been with me for what seems like centuries...under the bed behind wall paper when i was a wee lad....In this day and age they come in the dark is as they say...For myself it's best to have no need of the words WTF....Time can heal all wounds especially if you are sat at the back in a Thailand for nearly an hour with the girl whom at 18 one thought her as the gilr of your dreams,and still had a soft spot for and your own mother whom you wished you could give away in a lucky bag, in the front going to a wedding in a remote village the actual year slips by me this evening....By the time i climbed out into the bright lights sat down and grapsed a cold beer....contemplated the journey of which the spoken words were not aimed at myself but at the end journey of a jungle wedding..any soft spots i had for those sat in front faded away into the sun set slipping down amongst the village paddy fields. Thankfully there is no tune on my I-Pod..that will flick myself back inside that taxi run....
Some how today did not feel like a Sunday, perhaps i missed something i could not quite fathom the days hours out perhaps the smell of paint over the last couple of weeks is it...has glued my head or simply the age bucket as well as my faithfull I-Pod..any way whatever...Love and peace to all whom pass this way....have a good week...x...So Goeth...

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