bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday18th September 2018.

Today was one of those days when the mind asks questions of which perhaps there are no answers or really one should not look for any other than talking to the tea leaves at the bottom of a pot of tea on a verranda in the Northern Quarter of Manchester city centre...where i was resting and scribbling in my snail mail journal after spending a couple of hours in a cinema watching adverts that make me cringe in the good old days one watched one or two adverts and a couple of new film trailers before the B film started these days nearly 45..mins of adverts and a good half dozen trailers which blasts ones ears to bits..perhaps i am becoming old perhaps my wrinkled stockings would rather watch John Wayne get off his horse and drink his milk...Rather than endure such a state of art bang and bash antics way beyond my imagination or fortitude.
Yet for £4.99....and a dinner time slot where perhaps only six of us were sat watching the new i be grumpy or perhaps that's the wrong word..and simply asking myself to many questions of why and where rather than simply drift into the film. I allowed the film to draw me in emotionally i cannot remember many which did not, some i could never watch again simply for the mind bending soul searching i would do for at least a few days after walking out in to the bright sunlight of the day as reality drove past one in a bus, some films could last a life time..The Green Mile..was one such film or perhaps i am a creature that buries ones head in the sand far too much...perhaps the ole transvestite inside me howls at the moon or it's simply being one..whatever, whatever i am me..and i have a crush on Denzil am not sure whether its his gait or voice...and yes i enjoyed the film and could watch it again..Yippie..
Where was i before i drifted..yes my pot of tea...i would say a good half dozen people  sat around in the line of tables and chairs..a man.. is perhaps the most single word..paused at each table...with no reaction from any of us...some i give to he came back down the line..into the cafe he drew..within a few moments shouting and bawling at the staff sweeping off the counter of cakes and such before pushing out side and up ending a flower box..whos contents mushroomed all over the floor all over within one minute...i asked myself what if i was 18 would i..or even then still sat there and do nothing....third time this week...i heard in the aftermath..well known drug pusher was a whisper....of the worst least he did not hit anyone from the young fem behind the there any tooth paste in the world left..were they like this in the good old bad days or was i brought up wrapped in cotton wool....across the road sat on a plastic bagged cushion..and a starbucks coffe cup an old Rasta.shouting out now and then love and peace and such other strange words, people passed dropped a few coins some gave the usual what the fuck get a i left the cafe and the cleaning up after math of the whirlwind man, i slipped a couple of coins into the coffee peace brother and god bless..what are indeed simple words in this Crazy City and was i guilty of the man and the flower box or did the Rasta singing out simply make me smile in the afternoons sunlight make me drop those coins in his fountain asking cup...So Goeth...

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