bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 29th September 2018.

Does it feel like a week has passed since i last sat at this machine to scribble amongst this blank screen....did i mean to sit earlier in the week perhaps, or simply the lazy eye once more trumpeting always tomorrow. However with heavy eyes i have made it if only for a few seconds more, i can feel the pillow calling, whale tunes drift down the landing i have to scribble fast before the lurg of uncommon sence slips down amongst these keys.
Tonight i have just closed the final page of the now classic book.." Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit." Found on a Gay section especially formed for Manchester Pride weekend which passed some weeks ago now...i have been reading a few pages almost each night somehow it has slipped in amongst the song Suzanne..." whom takes you down and feeds you tea and Oranges all the way from China " somehow also...Tangerine Dreams..cover of the song has melted enough Oranges across my mind this last few weeks after slipping on shuffle on my Famous I-Pod on day when !!! burst across my soul serving up a kimono of thoughts about my younger days when i let this fem inside of me burst from her chains to shout out loud i am with it...which is a sorta how the story in the book unfolds....I think this book will stay in my mind for quite awhile...My eyes begin to resist this keyboard come back again says my mind whom must be in a chocolate fire guard stance....Therefore good night to all whom pass this way...So Goeth...

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