bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 12 October 2018.

I have already slipped into Friday without a sprinkle of words across this white screen the Kimono in my head has felt rather in a lazy mood nothing new there then...i have been trying to sort out a heap of paper work..i am a glutton for picking up every leaflet known to man as i pass through train stations etc.. picking up train timetables on places i think yes and which always turn out to be an oh well may be next year....and as i tramp through the last nine yards of my life perhaps i should really think hey-ho and simply pull my busted bra tighter slap my wrinkled stockings and simply go for it....rather than think tomorrow.
That tired old cliche tomorrow never comes is simply bollocks...Manchester's Bee in the City final farewell showing of all the bees in one place starts today which is a sad example of thought i did intend to go however i sit here and scribble perhaps my excuse is your only allowed 90..mins to wander around put me off in a huff and puff stance more of a sissy childish prankster.....however i shall certainly miss the bees next summer for i ventured into dark corners of the City where angels fear to tread and Kojac sucks lollypops for breakfast....The Last Samurai is now so far out in front perhaps it beggars belief...better for me to dance with the troglodytes and wish you all whom pass this way a good and blessed weekend and leave you with a snippit of a Bee in the city....

Manchester Piccadilly train station.......many a photo..was taken in front of this delight......

this one was just off Deansgate...quite reminds me of my self..bit of an old hippy minded nutter dressed in drag...oh well life...So Goeth...

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