bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 16th October 2018.

Liverpool Lullaby...sung by Cilla Black pinches around my mind as i sit here, really i should not pay any attention to I-Tunes as i watch the keys perform across this white screen to many thoughts cross and double cross as my fingers touch these keys...thoughts of the 60's drift in throwing out any other thoughts i had to scribble before i sat down..trying to pull in the good memories without the cloud of forboding..even worse still Del Amitri's " Nothing Ever Happens " keys in...which spins another circus of words until the scribble becomes the Magic Roundabout..which i am sure was on the late 1960's just before five-o-clock news which throws up pictures of the Vietnam news reels which always seemed to be on...I have even bought a signed limited edition of the new book by Max Hastings..." Vietnam " An epic tragedy blazed across the front  cover....The other two 60's news reels which stick in my mind are the moon landings, am tempted to go watch the new film about those days but vanity wonders will all my illusions about that time in my life wash down the truth plug hole...and lie there bare faced laughing it's head my childishness.
The other one was the picture of the future not quite Dan Dare...or Fireball XL5...but Robots would make life easier for all and they were worried what would the people do with all their freedoms....those such dreams have vanished or never even surfaced with the increasing retirement age..what hope for those youngsters..whom were perhaps made between the sheets on those hot summer nights that last thrust between man and women that spurge of seed only to be told now you will work and work until you drop dead..never mind retirement....and so i close for the night scribbled enough madness and the song..The Ballad of Lucy Jordan sung by Marianne Faithful seems fitting...So Goeth.

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