bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 28th October 2018.

I have thrown some wrinkled stockings in a bag stuffed some Euro's in my Pocket..the taxi comes in an hour to take me to  worst airport rip off  in the world that i have passed through, in all my years...time to eat chocolate drink bubbles and walk around unknown streets without my high heels sadly...for i need a few days out of this Britex madness and to derobe from my maids uniform think i have done everything since April except clobber the ironing board.
Brussels their for the grace of God go I...everyone whom passes this way take care have a good week ahead,God Bless, and i forgive him, her, what, it...for not letting me win the that someone on LJ...kindly informed me of...LOL...So...Goeth...
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