bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 8th November 2018.

Yesterday i pulled up my collar zipped up my hoody and stepped out into the outside world cursed the road traffic sat behind countless red lights, just not my day clouted over the road humps which this area is almost world famous for and beyond probably as far away as Mars...zipped here and there in command from requests to fill the empty fridge in down stairs kitchen, much neglected since the tiny trip to Brussels...stumbled across a tiny car park in one of those village centre's where the choice for a smile sake is to turn either left or right and ho-hum down the lanes to either curse or have jollies.
I found a small arcade and quietly sat there amongst the blank shop fronts a second hand book shop in almost orgasmic delight i stepped discover a mixture of tea house and well racked some form of order which was pleasent from some of the humble places i find my shadow dwelling in from time to time...i picked up a copy of Anais Nin...Delta of Venus...1990 Edtion well thumbed and ageing gracefully i have read Anis years before in my teens as i journeyed along trying to fathom the mamoth of feelings towards the term normal in society of the 70's when sexuality was not found on a cornflake packet and the word gay was found on a beach in Blackpool..also fitting for this time of year...The Secret Annexe...Anthology of War Diarists... as the days grow close to Remberance Sunday...there was a time in youth when i nearly signed up to join the Forces..thankfully something guided me away from such brute force somehow i do not think a transvestite would have quite been so gung-hoe...sometimes i feel ashamed other times who gives a fuck....and thereagain woulf the forces of knocked out the Transvestite whom knows...
I ended my adventure to this tiny book come tea shop no bigger than to swing a cat around by having a cuppa and one of the best slice from a Carrot cake i have had in a long while baked by her very hand the small slim blondish lady whom if i was 18 i would have drooled over at this age i simply admired and we chatted for a short while over books, travel, weather, as typical english do that is of coarse i am typical....

On  kinda note for Brussels.. a picture of those four days...which did not involve anger by any mass band of smuffs..A view from the top was eventful and stood at the bottom watching the cleaners on the middle ball was well...!! goeth...

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