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Friday 4th May 2007.

The bubbles contained within the orange and blue can labelled..IRN-BRU...have now been vanquished the effects have left my head, allowing some space to sit a while before some other philosophy slips under the chain mail, i once placed around me to stop the demons roaming free.
Over time, the war of the worlds has rusted the chain mail, a syndrome of cannot be bothered what roams,or what chooses to enter.All manor of beasts have laid their thoughts within, most have stayed weaving a tapestry i have to deal with.A cross between melancholy madness found in pink ribboned hob nailed boots,a emperor wrapped in a kimono and the last remnants of gnostic dwarfs erections flutter within.
If not for my Mistress and lady the proverbial beast triffids and saccharine turtles would gain a hold and run riot.So although the word order trumpeted by society makes me want to take up needle and thread and weave rapidly the rusting chain mail back to it's original gleam to stop such cloth eared instructions from gaining hold.I have searched out a new order to put at least some chaos back in line to be able to function without too many nose dives into the pond of melancholy madness..due to the ever increasing demon the sperm eater...

Beltane....Labour day...the day of witches,the day of the mass of the great unwashed came and went dressed in blue skies slumbered in moon beams amongst the net curtains found in the urban brick sprawl.
My instructions for the day contained two tone colours mixed in with rhubarb bustle giving a scary spiff,to find time to excel in all.Driving in down town City centre is scary but at beltane with witches and hobgoblins sweeping around every corner, soul stories whispered drizzling from brick work crusted in bygone buildings as i passed the whispers echoing amongst the tyre treads.This,was holted for a while,their is nothing that stops a man more than bare flesh,my Uncle used to say that " Flesh will draw you,more than gunpowder can blow you " i wish really he still had that in his mind out in Australia towards the end when he gave up life far too early...and how true it can be....On Beltane this was thus so,as i opened the door to collect lady for this drive into the inner circled red brick domain her thoughts were on something else unwrapping her robe fresh from the sprinkling waters i was drawn in to perform to her wishes there is no escape,the sight of free hanging nipples her spread of the legs hosting warmth and oblivion made my hands reach out and try to stop the clock..it the clock, although smiling failed to stem the tide of seconds washing over..i performed with delight sinking into double thoughts and making one flesh into two.Careful not to cry out the double barreled name but as instructed carried both forth.

Instructions from my mistress were to obey,to call out her name as the sap erupted..the ticking clock found time later in day to do such and to re-enter such fluids back from whence they came..and so the saccharine turtles for once where at peace or is that a chasm to great...Bring on the IRN-BRU....


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May. 8th, 2007 06:25 pm (UTC)
A Reminder......
A reminder........ you will be docked a point if you do not blog with the frequency agreed to. The week is ticking away....
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