bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 29th December 2018.

Today i have reached the 29th day of December now into the last couple of days of the year 2018...time to reflect if the moment grabs me..perhaps i just might pass for a crazy year..then when has it not been.

Today should i wish i could have bought a Trump candle should i smile that someone is making money perhaps on such a name....

Today i could have a ticket for the euro lottery winner in my pocket to win 107M....perhaps i might check tomorrow.

Tonight a bus has slipped by my window there was a time when i would relish sitting at a bus window lost in dreams the internet and mobile phones have ended that i a sad old fart or has the world lost the word respect into the back pocket.

Tonight i am looking forward to the new year with glee is that becuse of Bubbles consumed or what...

Tonight as always love and peace to whom pass this way..x
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