bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 9th January 2019.

It always takes me time to ride up on the camels back of the dawn of the new year, i ponder probably far to much, buy far to many calenders and the itch to buy more when they go down to half price means i have to give myself a good talking too sometimes it works. And this year diary's...have been biting my head maybe the thought of 2019 being a good year has made me think...Ooooo...
I stumbled across these words a few days ago...I'm not much but I'm all i have....and when one looks out from the window across the sleeping garden, stare across the concrete, sky feel the ice wind sting the cheeks especially when you have trod bare feet across some of the best beaches in the world and yet they never feature in those 1001 bucket books one glances through at airports, which always makes me smile at those tiny secrets one leaves part of ones soul across and not because it's in a book, makes one ask why the three fates paused to let me foot fall in this urban sprawl of the Manchester Basin...yes i know must not grumble for there are no sharks in the Manchester Ship canal..nor a finer pint of Ale any where in the world bar England. which means i will simply sigh.
I had promised myself not to buy anymore books but that only lasted for 8 days...I'm a bugger for charity shops and for a pound coin i picked up the Family Orchard by Nomi Eve...there was also some real hunky fem underware probably not my size also..alas the company i was with barred me from anything but a heavy sigh and a that is someting to think on as the year grows...
I found under the Christmas tree...A book on Winnie the Pooh..Deep thoughts and Ponderings for the wise...i don't think the wise applys to me, or else i would have passed my 11-plus and gone to grammer school some fifty odd years ago..where i could have grown into being a of a time served Plumber and  mature Postman and i wonder would i have still developed into a Transvestite on being educated...on that note time to say So Goeth and wish all whom pass this way a good new year ahead.

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