bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 16th January 2019.

Already the year has reached the 16th day, the pace gathers, instead of the feeling of i'm climbing all over it with various thoughts of what why and where for the coming year, that smug feeling in the back pocket of everything under control has began to climb away past the grasp of throwing of Pooh sticks into the river of life...before i know it Boom the bloody next month will scrape it's self across the calender. Therefore Plan they say in politic's, which is akin to a bag full of empty words.If i stare hard at this parliment over the past two years any plan has been empty not even a hedgehog leaf to be seen in truth, Only empty words deeds has poured like Elephant piss across this land..sigh.
However enough of politic's. For in my tiny ant's leg of a world i need a pick axe..time i think to go and find one and cut out a sooth sayer or two from the frozen north offer him a pot of tea and see what is in the tea leaves for the coming Goeth...

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