bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 10th September 2006.

The sunshine this morning is pouring through the white blinds,each smudge on the window is thrown deeper and larger on the pale texture,it gives a vivid picture.A token to crawl into the undergrowth and think on the past few days.Someone has thrown a life line to Kusu,who had sadly fallen into the stupour of putting up with the possible,thus making the stagnant blackness creep on a rut in which to wallow,to be complacent,to think well i'm now too old to fat to dress,dust had gathered on my belongings,each day as i sat before this machine,i could see the dust growing yet did nothing,it seemed to be going on forever.The will power to be me had been eradicated into the voyeur of reading blogs and such that my own scribbles became that of baby elephants,i could not even grasp the will to flow elephant piss in any direction.
Someone introduced Katee,i had to withdraw for a while to sit and think whom am i lucky enough to find this gentle person,whom has got under my skin and whom knows me more than i do,i have not worn a bra for years,yet this week i could feel her whispering to me go on i dare you;She whispered Katee I now whisper back thankyou and cry over strange words.

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