bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 23rd January 2019.

I have made it to the sixth day...

This art work lies on Aflecks the northen quarter Manchester...each time i pass it makes me smile even on a rainy day which Manchester is so famous for. Sometimes it is the only bright spot in the whole street especially when a gloomy day is riding high across the city.
I am already half way through the week, January is already begiining to bend out from the calender..for the moment i have finished dancing with the paint brush and pot...time i think to spend some time in this small shrine of a room to put some order amongst my bras and stockings and the mass of books i have recently slipped under my arm always with a hope of reading however...????...My I-Pod tonight whilst cooking the evening meal shone across Tracy Chapman's..Talk About a Revolution...released in shocking to be 31..years since it was released a real protest song sadly to fall on deaf ears....sigh.....So Goeth...
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