bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 9th May 2007.

"..So look into my face, marie-clair and remember just who you are.."..It is not often that i sit at this machine and play golden nostalgia songs from my many memories float across the vision behind my eyes, trapping my fingers from moving across the key board. ".. from the land of the dancing dead.." now i know where Blind Pugh erupted from,however today the wireless spat forth during the weary early hours, amongst the usual death and fireworks making up the human race.The tiny few lines caused not a sigh..gosh smashing news..Audio Cassette's are doomed to be only found in the belongings of old troglodytes such as i as production is to cease.
I still have one of the very first tapes i ever recorded on..i still have the first player i bought with my own money for my fourteenth birthday,it, the machine took four whopper batteries,alas did not last a whopping time,watching the power drain into red brought on a even bigger sigh,it used to lie under my pillow,was once Eric....i even recorded the dorm i was in, singing seven drunken nights...sadly it no longer exists however the ghosts of those times linger on hidden amongst the wall paper and withered leaves among the highways and byways where ever i trod during that time..."..this land is my land,this land is your land,this land was made for you and me.." how quaint,how much a dream,how much a utopia never to come anywhere remotely true.The police force is employed to see that never is the case.I had to sit in on a road traffic interview the other day with a police women who said she worked for the Queen, gosh i thought biting the inside of my mouth twisting my fingers, staring out of the window in the hope i did not say what work for that Twat Maggie Thatcher and you still do,she was probably to young to remember, the miners strike and to young when the police sold thier souls for a pay deal making a strike amongst the police force illeagal...Arrhhhh..ole Rod's version of "..Reason to believe.." gosh how many times have i lingered over that track..repeat after repeat.." still i look to find a reason to believe.." the mandolin playing in the background..i knew a lad once who bought that album.."..Every picture tells a story.."..last time i saw him he had shoved it in the i thought..".sometimes it feels like my time is coming.." a most memorable chardonnay moment..i think time for a IRN-BRU...the kamikaze mood is coming on strong..the beach boys "..then i kissed her.." i was madly in luv with a young girl then..we innocently walked home from school together..i once went back a few years ago and sat in the same ever a family move and i lost her..." drinking all night,so hoist up the john-b sail..i want to go home.." i wonder where home really is,probably my old drinking mucker would know..sometimes life is shite..the drawing in of the days is getting nearer to May 25th i am feeling it bad this year..however i should really finish with some happy memories..."..Non,Je ne Regrette Rien.." and Edith Piaf.or perhaps "..i don't know my own face..."..bollocks think i'll have a beer....

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