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Sunday 10th February 2019.

This afternoon with raindrops crashing against the window..i climbed out of the wardrobe with paintbrush in hand Bob Dylan singing The Times They Are A Changin..on the i-pod...and thought thank fook...i may not have to paint such a contortionship in a long while..two days i have shrunk within the walls with a paint brush for wild cats and sea loins...not only was i fighting the paint brush but the memories of the room....when a girl once woke on one Sunday morning during the summer of 1989 and said quietly enough is enough....a sit down at the kitchen table...meant we parted ways i kept the house the kids...she had the money in the bank and an i owe you.. and car.....she said she wanted to live a life....i fastened my work boots and thought oh well..life is a bucket of shit and then at that time today was indeed today....
Adversity is the first path to trust..so said Lord Byron....bubbles in my glass tonight..Dylan on I-tunes means the mind is playing games among the crazy street mix of my mind...plus the fact this white blank screen is taunting my self control now that i have stripped my wrinkled stockings...and the old transvestite lies in a heap....North Country Blues echoes around this small room which houses this here machine...and where i sit to see sunshine pour across this screen in deep mid winter otherwise i try to think of Carpe Diem...and wonder if that is a sweet in a lucky bag from childhood.
And so the weekend frits away however i must leave a token from the fabulous pictures from Australia i have glimpsed tonight...and say if we only had the weather for more than two weeks in the year...lol...So Goeth to all whom pass this way love and peace and have a good week ahead.....
taken during the summer of 2018...my favourite beach in North Wales.....


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Feb. 11th, 2019 10:17 am (UTC)
Have a go of the blue in that sky! And no people on the beach in summer? I know what I'd be doing there lol.
Feb. 23rd, 2019 03:23 pm (UTC)
Please forgive the comment from a stranger, but today it's cold and blustery where I live and seeing that lovely image of that beach in Wales, well it puts me in a happy place this morning.
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