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Friday 15th February 2019.

I sit on this eve with a mini can of zero sugar Peach Coco-Cola...if they were not past the sell by date and bought five cans for a single pound...from a charity shop in Town i would not even wash my panties in this flavour...but hey this is semi retirement...and spiders are from Mars...and Sam Lee sings Lovely Molly...and today i am not sure if i can recall a day in February with a clear blue sky and the Fahenheit reaching 55F...am not sure if i should say ever for it has simply been a Wow...day...in weather terms.
Took the local bus into town sat on the top deck thankfully these old stockinged legs can still make the strides....a teenage girl ranting at her mother about cleaning her room sometimes mobile phones are shit, the word respect for others slipped slod amongst the stark sunshine pouring through the unwashed windows...sat on the back seat wallowing in youthful dreams from the 70's...when bus hopping was a dare and treat...i was joined by two empty Mcdonald cartons and three tin foiled wrapped lunch packs wallowing on the back seat....i'm not saying we in the 70's were angels we might have scribbled " ed woz ere " on the back seat popped our eyes out at females in mini skirts..but i am sure we did not leave all the shit you see on buses these days...perhaps i'm simply becoming the grumpy old man and God help this generation when we old buggers fuck off the planet...one wonders whom is going to clean for them...
But let me not spoil this day the day after Valentines when every thing drops to half price and i could be holding the winning euro lotttery ticket for a whopping 140..odd million pound notes in my back pocket plus a small crush on a youth sat front seat top deck adjacent to myself on the return journey home, it was just his stance that James Dean throb with headphones and not a drop of bumfluff about him, quite reminded of my own youth down to the nearly worn out soft shoes...with the added bonus of not a care in the world or so it seemed in that strange afternoon brightness of the day....
This is a derilict church in the town i have passed so many times but not with a blue sky as rich as today..as usual the gate is pad locked so much for having a chat with God, should one wish, i think the local council are more worried about one putting in a claim for falling down the steps rather than peace and solitude for those weary of the daily grind.....
This last and closing shot was of the moon about 2.30pm whilst making my way home with thoughts of being lazy and slipping into a supermarket for a Pizza for the evening meal.... the haze is the slip trails from passing flyovers from jets....I can only think of Major Tom...and say good night all. enjoy the weekend ahead love and peace to all....So Goeth...


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Feb. 28th, 2019 03:59 pm (UTC)
You had me at the image of an abandoned church!

Ponders what it would take to bust open a simple little padlock and to explore a little of this place.
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