bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 17th February 2019.

Shut up and deal with it....on a postcard sits by this here machine sometimes i ignore it other times what can one do but blow kisses...There is a tinge of sunshine in the afternoon sky...have pushed myself outside for an hour to clean up all the cat shit which grows legs to blow across this garden, there was a thought once especially during the 60/70's that various peoples put cat in their fast food shops meals, perhaps it is indeed an old wives tale mother would never eat chicken unless she could see the bones...
There is no warmth today only the sound of kids playing, but i did not see Winnie-The Pooh....he must be fed up of treading in cat shit also....Dispite this i am in a good frame of mind Sunday is always the best day of the week once the best family meal of the week but i doubt that these days, perhaps people in this green and pleasent land only eat what's on face book....
I was on a bus on Friday did i really want to hear a teen shouting at her mother about cleaning her bedroom giving the excuse that the reception was poor on the bus..i sigh...i'm not sure, because of the sunshine and how good it was to feel the heat through the bus window that feeling when you close ones eyes and still see the sun blazing away that sadly not wearing headphones was a big mistake.
Going out amongst the great unwashed and others depresses the longer i flit through the incrowd everything seams to be look at me...I instant. I become a far worse grumpy old man than i sometimes feel, the sheer shit blowing across the streets depresses me really i should say fuck it and keep on plodding never mind McDonald cartons rolling across the bus floor....mind you in our youth could we even find a McDonalds...Possibly one of the worst exports from America no good to man nor beast...
Well it's time to drift to the kitchen plug in my I-Pod...for at least a wack of musical notes floating over the ocean from the USA...S&G...for instance has filled my life with spice and golden memories be thankful for small mercy's i expect i shall whisper to myself...
The unknown of the week lies ahead...Have faith love and peace to all...So Goeth...
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