bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 19th February 2019.

The weather forecast on this day is typical February which i have scribbled far to much on these past few weeks nothing quite like America but bad enough for my weary aged bones...this blank screen i stare at is either full of wonder on how to chase the words in my mind or so frightening i might just slip away before the screen whispers  " "Boo..tis but to early in the day for you especially after an old age wrinkled sleep" .
Age may be clearly seen on the skin...alas the mind tells it's own lies and whispers and i have to send a recent picture of myself to a close friend in return of one sent where i thought indeed wow, i have done far to many selfies this past week each one in vanity deleated that i am going to have to bite the bullet and simply sod myself, a close my eyes and send....very soon...sometimes, well always then Vanity is a big prickle.
Time i think to once more pull out the camera....So Goeth...
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