bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 20th February 2019.

The hump of the week has arrived..only eight more days of this dreaded month left to contemplate as i sit her in my wolly stockings fur bra..stare out from the window and think shall i or not stick my head out in the back garden, so much work to potter about there, as crazy spring bulbs are racing to greet this cold weather front mad fuckers...although the forecast is for a small spot of spiffy weather come the weekend.
My train tickets for a ride down to the big smoke in April have arrived...whilst i still don't need a walking stick and not have completely lost the plot to sit in a coffin train which after travelling through Spain and Japan by train you could almost have a bath in ones seat...the express trains between Manchester and London..are only fit for cabbages grown in the dark to ride the cramped space....

I shot this one in town the other Friday..on the down line on it's way to Euston...My tiny compact camera travels everywhere with myself i almost feel quite naked if i leave it behind..a sort of comfort dummy for this mad world.
I am going down to watch a young fellow postie i used to work with in my old office run just for the fun of it in the London Marathon...travelling down on the Saturday simply to go and have tea with the Queen...or more like potter about the streets and talk to my old friend Winnie-The-Pooh..staying over is my next headache do i simply doss or find a room for the night...though my biggest scare is the vast crowds and really on the London Tube...which is the most sence of the Apocalypse i hope to experiance ever in my last nine yards on this planet, bit of reasearch i thinks.
I have at last sent an update selfie to my friend hope the shock of age has not left her speechless perhaps i should have worn a dress perhaps it would have made hairs grow on her palms...vanity in a card board my mind is till wandering the yards of 18..alas my body tells me fook off you old sod... and so it's time to roam around the Carpe Diem loft for the day i might just return during the night depends if i can fight off the urge to partake in bubbles whilst cooking in the is as they say..take care all whom pass this way...So Goeth...

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