bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 23rd February 2019.

Today in the warm sunshine spread across the Manchester Basin...i walked amongst the chatterering streets of Manchester known localy as simply " Town "...where every kind of people under the sun abide judgeing by the lingo's one hears in the spoken word, quite why they come to this city is a complete mystrey with our crap weather, if there was a fair city full of vula boatmen, saccharine turtles,beast triffids and curly leaf wood nymph's then this city has to be amongst those with such a label. I suspect in winter one or two Eskimo's also are found tucked in some corner of town, today they must be wondering indeed where in the world are they for this is " not as we know it Jim "  from the days when a girl i lived with slept ate Star Trek until the cows came home...Winter, and i can only think wow..bring it on.
The brave today wore t-shirts and some Fem's in all sizes aired legs in shorts all the way up until ones head turned all the way round..i can only say the view indeed good for the soul in this nightmare of a Brexit Time for the country....

This little mite is called Sam...for the simple reason it was the first boys name which slipped into my mind as i processed the picture this evening...As i passed him i am sure he whispered to me,... remember me...Perhaps in 1965 at the age of ten..i might well have done...although what struck me as i lingered for a few moments..was the vast differance between 1965 and 2019...for one such hair cuts were classed as Hitler Youth and were banned even in 1965 the war was still an open wound...only American children might wear denim and sunglasses...only because i had no comcept of other world children, and being brought up on such Tom Cat...the Lone Ranger...Batman was banned in our house as American trash yet i could watch the Monkee's...I am not sure if i envey the children of today or pity them for all the fashion pressure school pressure they have to fly with,for us no one really looked at us in 1965 at the age of wore what you were given, ate what was put in front of you and did as you were told.. we did not know our parents names and really nothing about them it was simply little children should be seen and not heard, yet we had great freedom to roam and play where ever, you could go out in the morning on your bike and return for evening meal and no one would bat an eye..yes there were people who put their hands in side your pants in those days no one really talked about it i can't recall any such danger talks by my parents or schoold teachers, but i never really thought about it, until i learnt about sex in my teens the sun always seemed to shine every day during those innocent days of cowboys and indians....So Goeth..

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