bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

St Paddy's Day 2019.

I think i still have a touch of hair with a blend of Southern Irish from the distant past somewhere in this family mixture of nobody knows, knows anybody, closeness was only found in a fish and chip newspaper wrapper blowin in the wind on some foggy winters night from more years ago than i wish to admit.
It can only explain why i have a soft spot for the Dubliners and as the bubbles flowed in the kitchen this afternoon so rose the volume on my I-pod...a sort of bow to an porcelain emperor in a kimono with navvy boots on. Perhaps the Partin' Glass song, is a trinket in musical notes which wraps around my soul spitting out in the dampness of this bleak mid winter day across the kitchen floor in glee. I luv Sundays in the kitchen for i can hide from the world and all the cardboard words spat forth in the name of freedom providing you vote for me, i expect politicans have killed more people than any war...
Rampaging troglodytes eat chocolate buttons clamped in rollar skates...i once saw such a vision on Venice beach back in 1991...which is why i close the kitchen door for fear of climbing into the goldfish media bowl so i don't have to tell heaven from hell on at least one day a week.
I have also climbed once more back into the work saddle to ride along side the Lone Ranger and Tonto to chase Goblins across the milky way or perhaps to keep the wolf from the door, should i have been Red Riding Hood in youth what fork in the wood would i have taken..would i have escaped the transvestite leaf mould if i took another fork perhaps.Then again would i have seen all the blue skies i have walked under, pulled on a busted bra and thought why am i not J. Wayne...However i am me thank fully there have been a good few blue skies across the world that might still have my footprints...and as Paddy's day is about to fold into history and i have spent most of the day in a cheerful mood the time to punch my last few words has come, plus a small picture
of the working saddle quite where the Lone Ranger possibly only in my mind and that is sure one lucky dip..
To all whom pass this way have a good week ahead and hope St Paddy's day was full of froth and foaming mirth...
Good night so Goeth..

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