bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 21st March 2019.

I greet this morning with a ho-hum, beyond my window the grey forboding sky has once more returned...a heavy sigh with added pout is all it is worth spending energy on asking why is not worth the effort. A flicker of don't forget to love yourself sings something simple. Have you ever stood next to an Elephant. If people can't see a miracle in an elephant, life must suck for them i wonder if that quote was ment for myself i have always felt pity for an elephant...the simple name is used for far less than beauty. On the side of buses is a running advert for what looks like a remake of the film there nothing new in cartoons...The sorry story of Britex lingers on i wonder down the years will they make a cartoon of these tragic two years of non stop Elephant piss pouring from the mouth of politics...Which probably means i must find something readable in light hearted fashion for the summer season as i have just finished reading..another dark book..." Who Killed my father by Edouard Louis..only eighty one pages with the last few pages the darkest shinning a light on politics that do not care the havoc they cause in a persons life...for me it certainly made me think on my fingers, sigh heavy sighs slash at the word hope but thankfully does not right hope off.
On a happier note if i can find a few spare pennies i hope to spend a few days away from this self made madness i carry always with me and get out of this town of endless dribbles So goeth.
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