bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 4th April 2019.

I greet the white blank screen with a nod and a wink, poke out my tongue, take a sip from a glass of Chilian Sauvignon Blanc, drop into my 60's mode when Coco-Cola was warm if you could find it in dear old England. Tales were told it could derust nails and possibly clean your car engine of a Morris Oxford... but for a young lad before the days of masturbation it was a wow...and certainly beat those times.
As i washed the evening's dishes alone in my humble kitchen tonight, i trembled, or perhaps a glass of bubbles was already half empty...and thus Catch The wind drifted from my i-pod....Josie i won't fail you filtered in also i am not sure, but i do not think i ever knew a Josie....a Mary yes whom i used to sit with her in fathers garden shed drinking imaginary tea whilst she changed imaginary nappies on a plastic dolly...even at that age i was drawn to the fem side rather than scramble in the bushes playing Rugby...long before that seed planted its' this old body....Ballad of a crystal man..spoke volumes and I'll try for the sun adds flavour to those years when life just seemed life....Donovan..was the singer at the time not quite B.Dylan...but glass is now empty and the weekend begins in a few and peace to all whom pass this way....So Goeth...

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